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Essential Principles For A Good Web Design

Good web design can be fairly difficult. This is because good web design involves achieving a web design that is both pleasing and usable. The design should also deliver information and build brands. A good web design is visually coherent and technically sound.

In this article, I’ve put together 2 essential principles for a good Web design. Lets dig in!

1. The Art of Guiding the Eye.

Good Website designs, even more than any other type of designs, are mostly about how the information on the website is presented. When a user is navigating a good design, he or she should be guided around the screen and around the design by the web designer. This is what I call the art of guiding the eye, it’s about how much visual weight do the different parts of your web design have.

A simple example of an application of this art is in logo placement. In a majority of sites including the likes of CNN, the first thing you see is the website logo. This is because the logo is large and is set at what has been researched and tested to be the first place people look at when they visit a website (the top left). This is actually a very good thing since you probably want the user to immediately know what website they are viewing.

But this art of guiding the eye should go much further. The user should be directed through a series of steps. To achieve this, this great tools are at your disposal:

● Position – This is where something is on a page and clearly influences in what order the user of the page can see it.

● The Color – By using subtle and bold , you easily tell the user where he or she should look at.

● Contrast – Being unique makes things stand out, while being the same way makes them secondary.

● The Size – A big icon will attract clicks and views more than a small one.

● Design Elements – This are both the tiny and major elements of a web design. In case there is an arrow pointing at something such as a call to action, guess where the user will look at?

2. Navigation

The most frustrating experiences that you can have on a Web site or a blog is being unable to determine where you are or where to go. For most Web designers, this is a concept that they have mastered but you will still find some pretty bad websites out there.

Hottest Web Design Trends

A website is the passport of your business in the online environment, therefore you must pay special attention to its aspect, contents, and functionality as well. Web design encompasses a full spectrum of possibilities that the internet presents. If done boldly, a designer can push the limits of human interaction and imagination on a global scale.

Why a Good Website Design?

A good website design is the first impression that sets the tone for the rest of the user’s experience.

“It takes just a twentieth of a second for a user to make a first impression regarding your website, according to research published in Behaviour and Information Technology. Further research shows that it can take twenty or more additional meetings to erase a poor first impression!”

Therefore it is crucial to hire a professional web design company and start off with a great impression that will imprint a positive image of your brand in the user’s mind.

Here are some of the most prominent web design trends of 2015 where we can discover true innovation and new opportunities in order to have a complete understanding of a “modern website”. Hence before proceeding towards promoting your brand follow these tips to build a dynamic website and enrich user experience.

Currently, “Make it big” seems to be the single most important principle of web design. Yet it’s hardly acceptable for many to have a homepage (specifically above the fold) with just a few words overlaid on an image or a video.

The two flavors of this web design trend are-

  • Cinematic – Inspired by movies and TV ads (full-screen video with a few words and/elements overlaid on top of it)
  • Book Cover – Enhances the classic concept of printed book and catalog covers

The reasons for this trend are both visual and pragmatic as your users gets maximum impact as soon as they land on your site. Moreover, it works well on mobiles and desktop.

2. The Multimedia Experience

The multimedia concept is behind the times. Yet designers and programmers are constantly fighting to create great multimedia experiences.

Previously, Flash was used for these experiments but now it’s the HTML5 element that allows you to create almost any visual effect on the website.

A noteworthy example is Raise the River’s website portrays its apt visual metaphor and presentation. The inability to scroll and the pace of animation almost forces the user to take a breath and adjust to the page time-line.

Usually we do everything to enable users while designing interfaces. The above example shows how disabling users for a certain amount of time may sometimes enable a better experience.

3. The Parallax Effect Mutations

“New technologies such as CSS3 and HTML5 have given designers incredibly sophisticated capabilities. Not a few of them are choosing to press the limits. At the moment, one of the biggest fashions is parallax scrolling. This involves making the background of the website move more slowly than the foreground. As a result, the user experiences an intriguing 3D effect that adds depth and looks quite sharp.” Source:huffingtonpost

Parallax Design has evolved into many different variations but have one thing in common: page scrolling or mouse movement for animating the elements of the page. If you look carefully, most of the websites showcased in this article use this logic. QUO+ is a great and innovative example of horizontal and vertical scrolling. Another Example is the Cyclemon that is a showcase of every cycle ever made and has clean & flat design and nice typography.

  • Parallax Effect Using Mouse Movement

This effect is used to create the illusion of a 3-dimensional space. When used tastefully, this effect can have impressive result.

4. Animated Storybook

Makeyourmoneymatter is an Awesome Parallax experience with beautiful Illustrations. The HTML animations come to life through dynamic parallax scrolling. The animation sequence starts when a user reaches a certain scroll position. Not only the idea and animation are amazing but they are equally notable and engaging

5. Flat Design

Flat design has been hailed the “king” from last few years and it’s still doing great – especially in smaller elements such as icons, menus and illustrations.

These elements look good as well as are easily scaleable and manageable.

To achieve a WOW factor try incorporating subtle gradients, textures and photos. It s predicted that this trend will become more collage-like and mix with other visual styles.

Trends to Follow in The Future For Web Design

With regards to web outlining, one ought to exploit the full range of potential outcomes that the web offer to benefit as much as possible from it. The innovation continues advancing persistently, and each overhaul gets something new without fail. Subsequently, it gets to be distinctly obligatory to keep oneself overhauled with these most recent innovation and remain in front of the opposition. Web outlining patterns as well, have advanced to achieve a position that gives fantastic client encounter.

The most recent site outlining patterns 

Responsive Website

There are such a large number of gadgets and screen sizes, today that responsive plan has turned into an absolute necessity for organizations hoping to expand their client base. Portable outline is certain to impact the fate of web architecture. Intuitive plan over several years has been advancing to incorporate online experience flawlessly over all stages. What’s more, since an ever increasing number of clients utilize cell phones that even Google positions portable streamlined sites higher contrasted with the ones that are nonresponsive.

Flat/Material Design

A website nowadays is required to load faster and should be as simple as possible to understand. Minimal designs and beautiful interfaces is what users appreciate. Flat design which has evolved to Material design uses very subtle gradients, layering and animations to retain a sense of traditional design while still taking elements of flat design.

Scrolling Taking Over Clicking

Since the great adoption of smartphones and tablets, scrolling has become an important factor of web designing. This feature will make it easier for the users to grab information without having to visit or wait for the pages to load. The pages will get taller and the information will be well spread for easy reading.


Web typography is not only about the font, but also about creating and manipulating typefaces and whitespace as a means of communication and readability. The future will see the mix of old and new techniques of typography to further enhance user’s experience.

Site Speed

Site speed is one of the important factors to get the site rank higher in search rankings, besides delivering excellent user experience. This one is not just a front-end trend but also the optimization in CSS and JavaScript can help achieve better performance.

Seamless URL Changes

This trend is really exciting, and provides increased user experience. This trend will help users to go from page to page without any trouble and it also removes the need for pages completely at the same time providing all the information accurately.



Use of Bespoke e-Commerce Websites

Internet business sites require unique care and thoughtfulness regarding make it less demanding for each client to peruse through with no intrusions. In this way, on the off chance that you are wanting to offer your items on the web, the most ideal approach to begin is to build up a site that will answer all your client’s needs, with achievement.

The accomplishment of your internet business colossally relies on the way your store is composed. The purpose for this – an online store does not have the advantage of a salesman persuading the clients the believability of their item. Accordingly, planning an internet business site needs additional consideration.

There are a few necessities for a bespoke eCommerce site. For example, dissimilar to some other site, it is not a one-time improvement. Consistent up-degree is expected to keep it upgraded. Your customerswill enter the site; check the things that are sold. Presently, for each progression that they take, you have to ensure your site is in the know regarding all the data.

So, as a customized website, you will have the option of upgrading your data every time you need to change something on a page. Either you add new items to the list that is already present or add few explanations; you have the option for doing it easily, in a customized site.

There are many site developing companies that give special features to support the e-Commerce sites. As an online store, it is important to pass on correct information about rates and also give your customers two or three different payment options. All these are taken care of when you have a bespoke site.

Many issues such as payment through credit or debit cards, processing of a payment through a gateway or calculating correct discounts, and so on, are already taken care of, if you have a bespoke site.

In the world where the competition is tough, and there are many others like you doing similar businesses, it is mandatory that your website should rank on the top or remain in the front of all Google search page. Hence, it is necessary to make your website your weapon to fight against the tough competition.

Only a bespoke website, can give you support and help needed to run in the race against the competition inthe market today. So, order your customised eCommerce site from the best developing company, to stand ahead in all your endeavours.


Quality Website Design Agency

An appropriately outlined site is imperative for the achievement of any business. A quality site has the limit of pulling in numerous guests to the business site, transforming them into clients. Site outlining now shapes a basic part of the web advancement prepare. Building alluring, glitzy, and effectively traversable sites have far more noteworthy interest to clients than ones that are uninteresting. Your page format matters a considerable measure. Indeed, it is a piece of your organization’s picture.

The best way to pick the best organization for your site planning undertakings is to slender it down to a couple who are the most reasonable for your business prerequisites as well as for working relationship where you feel sufficiently good to demand changes.

Thus, picking the correct web composition organization is urgent for your business. With a specific end goal to guarantee you are obtaining the administrations of a quality organization it is essential that you comprehend the vital attributes of such offices that prompt to extraordinary work and therewith solid connections. Taking after are a portion of the qualities you should search out for :


A good company will have skilled professionals in web design. They will have an open and active mind with the ability to see the big picture yet focus on details to maintain a keen awareness of the world that can be tapped at any time for creative ideas and strategic insight.


The challenge of mastering something new and bringing it to the mainstream is what makes the demand of creative agencies higher, and this starts with being genuinely curious about the world. A good agency will be curious to acquire the motivations, possibilities for excellence often by taking some less predictable path.


 Another very important characteristic feature of a good website design agency is their objectivity and intelligence. Make sure that the company you choose can foresee the forest through the trees, and bring insight that will cut through the clutter. You need to feel certain that you can trust their objectivity.

The agency should be well adept with the latest technical and marketing skills. They should be able to design SEO friendly websites with all the small specifications tailored to cater to your needs. Moreover, ensure that the company you choose offer services within your budgets. Further, getting your website design completed on time is also very important. For this, the service provider needs to provide service optimally.


How Effective Your Web Page Design?

On the off chance that you take a gander at a site, the principal thing which will pull in you to the look of the webpage is the outline of the site. At the point when the page configuration is amazing, you will absolutely adore it and thusly you will get intrigued by the site, significantly more. This is the effect of a compelling outline and so as to get in the best, you surely do need to contract the administrations of an affirmed and all around acclaimed office or organization of high notoriety. Be that as it may, the one variable which will make your site look truly amazing is the capacity of the planner who works for the webpage and makes a check in getting out the best outline, which will make your online wander scale more current statures of achievement and greatness. In the event that you are truly trying to discover how compelling and alluring your site page configuration is, then looking from the movement and deals will without a doubt give you the best solution to your inquiries.

Make your visitor fall – hook, line and sinker for your site

Yes, you have read it right, the visitor can fall for your website’s appeal – hook, line and sinker and this is possible by two factors alone. Thinking what they can be? Well, it is simple and an effective technique that web designers follow. Firstly, they strive to make the look of the website design really very simple and all the more attractive too. This is something which will help in nabbing the visitors to your site. In other simpler terms, luring them towards your site is definitely a very rewarding experience and it is achievable only when you have a great web designer working for you. Secondly, the other factor which is necessary in order to get the required edge over all others, is an attractive website design, which is navigable enough can make the visitor truly like your site, as its user friendliness makes it advantageous and also adds to its charm, thus making it a visitors favorite from all aspects. If you are looking for a web designer who will be able to make the visitor fall for your site hook, line and sinker, then a smart move would be to hire a certified agency to do the job truly well, so that the online venture does look like “one in a million”.

The other points which will make sure that your web page design is an effective one, boosting your online venture with the right degree of appeal is:

  • A responsive web design that makes your site accessible from all devices is certainly a really effective tool.
  • Make the designing cater to the current trends and technologies which will make the approach of the visitors a bit different that is only quality traffic will be encouraged for your site, which will also increase the sales quotient. Filtering of the traffic is truly important and with a competent designer you will certainly get this and more.

Keeping all these factors in mind and in check, you can certainly get an idea about the effectiveness of a web page design and how a professional can help you in this aspect.

Are Your Websites Too Slow?

Making the straightforward confounded is typical; making the muddled basic, marvelously basic, that is inventiveness. The web composition is the main trump of a site that a guest perceives. Besides, it will likewise be knowledgeable as far as functionalities and the route as well. This is the hard-hitting climate and individuals have no subordinate time to sit tight for the site to stack after some jiffy when clicked. The vast majority of the people love to surf the web or perform seeks in their recreation time and on the off chance that they will find the site to stack slower, then without a doubt they will venture out from that particular site. Stacking time and route between the site pages are the two critical pieces of the site to charge the activity towards it.

Now and then, the stacking time and speed of the site depend on the web association, regardless of whether it is legitimately working or not. In any case, really, this will happen at times. Today, the way of life has so struck in the expert task that an individual has no opportunity to sit tight for the site to stack altogether and after that he examines the site for his curious administrations and items. He rather likes to move to alternate sites that spare his valuable time. What are the reasons a site sets aside opportunity to stack? Regardless of whether it is in the advancement and outlining stage or some other real issue. What are you sitting tight for? Pursuit and resolve the issue.

  • How are your graphics?

Graphics is the main chunk of the designing. It can determine the loading time in a way. If it is not properly utilized then it can adversely affect your website. Cart off the graphics that are not in use and make your indispensable graphics smaller utilizing the graphics editor, such as Adobe Photoshop.

  • Check out your HTML and CSS

At some jiffy, there might be possible that some HTML codes are extraneous. Remove them and always strive to use CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) for designing purpose. This will tremendously affect your website loading time and speed. Plus, if you are using the CSS, then optimize your CSS files using CSS optimizer. CSS optimizer cleans the superfluous white space that makes your code clean.

  • Evaluate your plugins

Plugins enhance the features and functionality of the websites. However, some plugins get outdated or some are auxiliary, then eradicating them makes your website more clean and precise and will dramatically affect the loading speed of the website. Also, try to reduce the redirects to make your website smoothly loading.

  • How fast is your web host?

Sometimes, your web server is the rationale to load the website slow. If your website speed will not be increasing after applying all the tricks and techniques, that it is mostly probable that your web server is the ground. Check it vigilantly like on distinct computers and on different internet connections. Still the dilemma persists, then upgrade it if you are working on the same server for the years.

  • Use caching with your CMS (Content Management System)

CMs or the content management system is the database-driven website that creates the real-time web pages rather than storing them and the problem of slower page loading problem will occur with it. It is far better to use the caching system. Cache stores the recently accessed pages that will help the website to load faster than before.

  • Make your website faster with a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN is an interconnected system of cache servers that use geographical proximity as a criteria for delivering the web content. It generally helps in loading the webpage faster of the websites acquiring the high traffic or dealing with some other issue regarding the loading time and speed of the website.

What Does Web Design Entail?

Regardless of whether you are beginning another business or you feel your website is obsolete and you need to give it another rent on life, you may think about whether it merits contracting a website architecture organization. The web composition process is a definite one, which is the reason you need to procure an expert organization with broad experience, guaranteeing that once finished you have an expert looking website you can be pleased with, that will pull in clients and will help support your business pushing ahead.

You might be under the feeling that a website composition organization will basically toss something together, a point of arrival, a few photos and some wording and hand it back to you to manage. This is not the situation. These organizations involve experienced individuals from professionals to visual originators, all of which concentrate on making a stupendous site that will help you create business and make progress.

The first thing you will find is included in web design is graphic design experience. The company supplying you with the service should have their own in-house team of experienced and qualified graphic designers. These are creative individuals who will learn about your company and what you do, they will also focus on your customer base and then design a site that appeals to your clientele, offering you a professional design you can rely and on trust moving forward.

The web design company will help you with your content development. When it comes to creating a professional website that you want noticed by the search engines, then there are numerous factors which have to be taken into consideration from the length of the wording on each page to the keywords included. They should also be linked and optimized to help your site get noticed and assist in driving traffic to your site on a daily basis.

Web design companies offer more than just a pretty and professional website. It’s not just about having a site, your site should be working for you twenty four hours a day seven days a week. The company will help you with optimization. This means that they will carry out a thorough keyword analysis, they will identify the words your customers use on a daily basis when searching for products or services that you supply and will incorporate those words into your web pages to help you get noticed and help improve your online ranking.

The web design company will also ensure that they create on page links, linking your pages to each other and back to your home page. This not only improves your customers experience when using the site and makes navigation easier, but links are imperative to SEO success.

Using a professional company to manage your web design for you can boost your brand visibility and promote a professional image with your customers. You want to give your customers the best user experience when they visit your website and failure to provide easy navigation, fast opening pages and detailed information can lead to your clients using another site.

Any web design company you choose should have years of knowledge and experience with a qualified team of professionals who will work with you to design a site that will appeal to your customer base on a daily basis.

The back door of the site should be simple and easy to use, enabling you to update your product listings, add new products and add new information as and when needed.

Know the Reasons Why a Responsive Website is Crucial to Business

A simple nearness on the web does not ensure tremendous movement and transformation rate. Because of the appearance of cell phones and tablets there has been an exceptional increment in the general population who peruse the web on their cell phones. Across the board 3G arrange and cell phones have fuelled this pattern significantly more. Henceforth, it turns into all the more critical to connect these imminent customers. There are portable applications for person to person communication locales on all significant versatile OS like iOS and Android and clients like to be constantly online on these applications. For example, while perusing your site, the client taps on the online networking symbol to join your image page, he will be asked to login despite the fact that he is signed in through the application. The client may have overlooked the secret key or just does not have any desire to take the torment of writing in the certifications.

Such a circumstance may truly hamper focusing of portable clients. Change of online networking movement of clients on the application instead of on the programs is trying as the portable environment has gotten to be application overwhelmed. Your site must be available by cell phones as they are a fierceness in today’s circumstances and in the event that you are not ready to target cell phone clients, you are passing up a great opportunity for a huge lump of forthcoming customers. Cell phone clients are growing up each and every day the same number of new brands are developing and offering shabby cell phones. Site advancement administrations are outstanding in making top notch sites which highlight with responsive components. The web composition organization can help you in getting such a site, to the point that is profoundly advanced and stacks quick on a screen.

1. Targeting smartphone users through your website is the need of the hour.

2. The companies must follow the principles of responsive designing so smartphone and tablet users are not left out.

Issues with responsive designing

There are just too many smartphone models with different specifications, software and hardware capabilities. It is quite taxing to optimize the website for each and every model, but if the designers are seasoned enough, they achieve it after a few hits and trials. In order to get a responsive design for your website you can avail the services of the website design and development. Other considerations that need to be addressed while making a website mobile optimized are small screen, lower power, slower and limited internet, etc.

Moreover, the developer and designer are also forced to be more focused with the contents, social media icons and important links that need to be accommodated in the limited size of the screen. The responsive Web design and development company will make sure that your website is easy to browse on every type of screen. It is quite often observed that desktop sites are somehow made to fit the screen of the mobile device. The design is scaled down to fit the mobile device, but the users experience a lot of frustration in continuous scrolling in all directions to find the desired content. Each section has to be zoomed in to make it visible.


How to Make Your Website Popular?

The web has turned out to be critical, these days, with the developing prevalence of innovation. Nearly everybody claims a site for different purposes, for example, promoting and composing online journals. A site is composed with the sole reason for pulling in an ever increasing number of individuals to it. A site can be outlined by anybody, at the same time, planning a site is a procedure which requires a great deal of expertise and inventiveness.

Tips for a Good Website Design

A decent web architecture decides the quantity of individuals who will visit your website. A portion of the tips which ought to be remembered while outlining a site are said beneath:

Keep It Simple

Keeping it straightforward and not going for any refined outlines is the most ideal approach to make a decent site. On the off chance that the outline of a webpage is basic, individuals who visit your site can undoubtedly explore through the website with no trouble. A lot of movements or stacking sounds will prompt to slower stacking limit, which will demoralize individuals from remaining on your site. The best choice is to utilize fresh pictures, basic content and couple of hyperlinks.

Focus on the Main Points

Focusing on the main point is extremely essential while designing a site. The most important information should be put on the homepage and the secondary information should be present just one or two clicks away from the homepage.

Images Should Be Small

Another important thing which you should keep in mind while designing a site is to upload images which are small in size, so that the pages of your website can load without any problems. Internet surfers just hate to wait for a long time for their page to load.

Make Sure There Are No Pop-Ups

Pop-ups can be really irritating when a person visits a website. So, make sure that there are no pop-ups on your website in order to encourage more and more people to visit your website.

Color Schemes

The colors used on the pages of your site should be mild. They should go along well with the text and should not overpower it. The color of the text should mostly be black and at times, it can be white, but, make sure that you never use colored text on your website pages.

Choose Appropriate Fonts

A lot of care should be given to the choice of fonts for your site. Fonts which are simple to easy and which are eye-friendly should be used. Some fonts which are usually used on websites are Arial, Times New Roman, Helvetica, Verdana and Georgia.

Including a homepage link on every page of your site will help the people who visit your website to go back to the homepage easily without having to press the back button many times.

So, these are some of the tips for website design. Though a lot of hard work and cautiousness goes into designing a website, once it is ready it would help you to boost up your business and to take it to great heights.